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Pocahontas Movie Stream Or Download

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1Pocahontas Movie Stream Or Download Empty Pocahontas Movie Stream Or Download Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:53 pm



Download Movie "Pocahontas" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Pocahontas
About : Capt. John Smith leads a ragtag band of English sailors soldiers to the New World to plunder its riches for England (or, more precisely, for Governor Ratcliffe, who comes along for the ride). Meanwhile, in this "New World," Chief Powhatan has pledged his daughter, Pocahontas, to be married to the village's greatest warrior. Pocahontas, however, has other ideas. She has seen a vision of a spinning arrow, a vision she believes tells her change is coming. Her life does indeed change when the English ship lands near her village. Between Ratcliffe, who believes the "savages" are hiding the gold he expected to be plentiful, and Powhatan, who believes these pale newcomers will destroy their land, Smith and Pocahontas have a difficult time preventing allout war, and saving their love for each other. Written by Joe Sewell x3Cjsewelliu.netx3E
Pocahontas Movie Stream Or Download 298206771

Year : 1995
Genres : Animation

IMDB Rating : 6.10
An American legend comes to life
Two different worlds. One true love.

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Actors : Irene Bedard=Pocahontas (voice)
Judy Kuhn=Pocahontas (singing voice)
Mel Gibson=John Smith (voice)
David Ogden Stiers=Governor Ratcliffe / Wiggins (voice)
John Kassir=Meeko (voice)
Russell Means=Powhatan (voice)
Christian Bale=Thomas (voice)
Linda Hunt=Grandmother Willow (voice)
Danny Mann=Percy (voice)
Billy Connolly=Ben (voice)
Joe Baker=Lon (voice)
Frank Welker=Flit (voice)
Michelle St. John=Nakoma (voice)
James Apaumut Fall=Kocoum (voice)
Gordon Tootoosis=Kekata (voice)
Jim Cummings=Powhatan / Kekata (singing voice)
Mike Gabriel=
Eric Goldberg=

Full movie in DVD, HD and DivX
Directors : Mike Gabriel
Eric Goldberg

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