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Download Shottas Movie For PC MAC

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Download Movie "Shottas" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Shottas
About :Grammynominated reggae artist Kymani Marley and Jamaican dancehall star Spragga Benz star in director Cess Silvera's tale of two Kingston gangsters looking to make a name for themselves on the mean streets of Kingston. Homegrown gangers Biggs (Marley) and Wayne (Benz) have paid their dues in Kingston, and now they've set their sights on a better life in Miami. After robbing a soda truck to gain the funds needed to make their way to the United States, however, their dreams quickly turn to dust when they are deported for hustling and sent back to Jamaica with nothing but the shirts on their backs. Biggs and Wayne aren't willing to kiss their ambitions goodbye quite so easily though, and thanks to a little compliance from the Kingston politicians, the pair soon begin extorting money from the local businesses. The heavies in the Kingston underworld are beginning to resent the pair's wildfire success though, and as the pressure mounts to end the rising tide of crime a local politician pays the ultimate price to arrange for the visas that will get Biggs and Wayne back to Florida. Upon returning to the states, the nowpowerful duo finds that there is a high price to pay for power in a world where to trust equals death and success simply means having more enemies. Jason Buchanan, Rovi
Download Shottas Movie For PC MAC 298208523

Year : 2002
Genres : Action

IMDB Rating : 5.70
Friendship, loyalty x26 greed.

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Actors : Ky-Mani Marley=Biggs (as Kymani Marley)
Spragga Benz=Wayne
Louie Rankin=Teddy Bruck Shut
Paul Campbell=Mad Max
Wyclef Jean=Richie
J.R. Silvera=Young Biggs
Carlton Grant Jr.=Young Wayne
Munair Zacca=Mr. Anderson
Claudette Pious=Auntie Pauline
Isiah Laing=Detective Laing
Beast=Teddy Bruck Shut's Hitman
Jabba=Dangles (as Jabba Mitchell)
Screechie Bop=Gussy
San San=Raquel
Andrew 'Flipper' Davis=John John
Dwight Richardson=Immigration Inspector
Jahshi Spence=Rasta Neville
Nelson Zapata=Papi
Michael Gordon=Soda Truck Driver

Full movie in DVD, HD and DivX
Directors : Cess Silvera

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