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Download Pinocchio High Quality

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Download Movie "Pinocchio" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Pinocchio
About :Jiminy Cricket, a vagabond insect, spends a rainy night at the shop of toymaker Geppetto. The Blue Fairy brings a marionette to life after Geppetto wishes on a star for a son, and Jiminy Cricket is appointed the new boy's conscience. He has a devil of a time keeping up as Pinocchio is willingly lured through various forms of temptation, the most frightening of which leads him to Pleasure Island, where he drinks, smokes, and is almost turned into a jackass. Written by alfiehitchie
Download Pinocchio High Quality 297978175

Year : 1940
Genres : Animation

IMDB Rating : 7.70
Disney's alltime family classic is back ...No strings attached! [1987 rerelease Australia]
Walt Disney's Full Length FEATURE Production Pinocchio In Multiplane TECHNICOLOR
For The Young In Heart Of Every Age ! !
All The Magic Of Snow White Yet so excitingly different ! ! !
A masterpiece of animation . . . a burst of fun and adventure [1985 Australian rerelease]
. . . makes no difference who you are, you'll love Walt Disney's Pinocchio [1985 Australian rerelease]
For anyone who has ever wished upon a star.
Pure enjoyment... with no strings attached. [1984 rerelease]
The Wonder Tale The Whole World Loves!
For the happiest time of your life! [1962 rerelease]
The story the whole world loves
When you wish upon a star your dreams come true

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Actors : Mel Blanc=Gideon (voice) (uncredited)
Don Brodie=Carnival Barkers (voice) (uncredited)
Walter Catlett=J. Worthington Foulfellow (voice) (uncredited)
Marion Darlington=Birds (voice) (uncredited)
Frankie Darro=Lampwick (voice) (uncredited)
Cliff Edwards=Jiminy Cricket (voice) (uncredited)
Dickie Jones=Pinocchio (voice) (uncredited)
Charles Judels=Stromboli / The Coachman (voice) (uncredited)
Jack Mercer=Rough House Statue (voice) (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Patricia Page=Marionettes (voice) (uncredited)
Christian Rub=Geppetto (voice) (uncredited)
Evelyn Venable=The Blue Fairy (voice) (uncredited)
Norman Ferguson=
T. Hee=
Wilfred Jackson=
Jack Kinney=
Hamilton Luske=
Bill Roberts=
Ben Sharpsteen=

Full movie in DVD, HD and DivX
Directors : Norman Ferguson
T. Hee
Wilfred Jackson
Jack Kinney
Hamilton Luske
Bill Roberts
Ben Sharpsteen

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