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Dard Divorce Download Movie Watch Now

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Download Movie "Dard Divorce" Movie In HD, DivX, DVD, Ipod

Movie Title :Dard Divorce
About : Natalie Stein, a successful lawyer, emigrated with her parents from Germany to the USA at a very young age. The last things that stand between her and a happy life with her daughter and son, are the divorce settlement with her lowlife husband Tim and a nasty drinking habit. But a lot more is about to happen that she didn't bargain for when her dog goes missing and her mortally wounded husband appears on the doorstep, informing her that the children have been kidnapped. By the time the police arrives at her house, Tim's body has mysteriously vanished. When not much later one million dollars, a bag of cocaine and some gangsters enter the game, Natalie finds herself in less than no time tied to a chair in her own kitchen. Let the torture begin... Written by Vomitron_G
Dard Divorce Download Movie Watch Now 298330265

Year : 2007
Genres : Drama

IMDB Rating : 3.50

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Actors : Martina Ittenbach=Nathalie Stein
Daryl Jackson=Daniel
Jaymes Butler=Detective Phil Warren
Barrett Jones=Tim
Kamary Phillips=Detective James Gates
Gideon Jackson=Jeremy
Henora Jackson=Elisabeth
Kami Esfahani=Moha
Christopher Kriesa=Lawyer Jake
Torsten M

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